Let There Be Light in Pursuit of Creativity

This year, the Nikon family came together as a community of
photographers to learn, challenge, create and inspire each other.
We have been blown away by your responses and talent from all
over the world - setting light to our creative fire.
We remain inspired and motivated by you and will continue to
bring you innovation to empower you to become the best
photographer you can be.

Be Inspired To Improve Your Skills

Create Your Light is where the Nikon family comes together to challenge and inspire one another. We will continue to share educational tips & tricks from our experts based on a photography theme to try at home. As before, you have two weeks to use your new skills to capture an image based on the current theme. Share your creation with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #CreateYourLight.

The outdoor portrait session!

#CreateYourLight now explores outdoor portrait photography with fashion and wedding photographer Brett Florens, and sport, fashion, and lifestyle photographer Kathrin Schafbauer. Brett and Kathrin were out and about in Tenerife looking for the best light with which to capture beautiful portraits—of each other!

This collaboration is all about working with natural light and the people you’re shooting. Find out how they nailed portraits with lighting to rival any studio set up. No reflectors and no flashes. Just the Nikon Z 5 and the Nikon Z 6II full-frame mirrorless cameras, along with two exceptional Z lenses: the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S and the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S

Get out there! You don’t always need a studio.
All you need is great light, a portrait subject, a great camera, and great lenses.

Share your best outdoor portraits with us by using the hashtag #CreateYourLight. The most striking images could be selected for our Nikon favourites gallery.

Tips and tricks from our experts, based on a photography theme you can try at home