I AM Nessa Buonomo, founder of La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus

Based in Lyon, Nessa Buonomo is a professional wedding blogger, artistic director, and author.

In 2008, she moved to San Francisco, California with her fiancé, where she first discovered American wedding blogs. Realising there wasn’t anything similar in France offering authentic inspiration to brides-to-be, Nessa returned to Paris and set up her own wedding blog, La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus. The blog quickly gained a large following and in 2011 Nessa expanded into the world of wedding fairs. LOVE/ETC launched in Paris and each year, the fair brings together vendors from all around ­­­­­­ to share their work with brides and grooms keen to discover the latest wedding trends.

Nessa’s latest venture was the opening of her own photography studio in Lyon in 2016 called Studio Quotidien. The studio was opened with the aim of enhancing and aiding the work of industry professionals such as photographers, bridal and jewellery designers dedicated to making every couple’s dream wedding a reality.
Nessa Buonomo


Why did you choose weddings as a career?
When I launched my blog back in 2009, I had no intention of becoming a professional wedding blogger. At that time the French wedding industry was having a revival with a wave of new retailers emerging who, like me, were helping to transform weddings in France. My blog was the perfect platform for me to be a part of this evolution so the transition into a career in weddings came quite naturally.

Of all of the weddings featured on your blog, which is your favourite?
The one I love the most is Robby and Marina's wedding which took place last year in Alsace. I love it because for me as a blogger, it encompasses everything I love about weddings. Their wedding pictures are incredible. I love the natural, authentic, and simple style in which every detail is truly thought out and deliberate. It is also meaningful to me because, not only did I have the privilege of making all the flowers and decorations but Robby and Marina are also dear friends of mine so I was able to enjoy the wedding as a guest as well.  Sharing this special day with them was a beautiful experience for me and for all the people who were there.

How important do you think photography is to a wedding?
I always say to couples looking to cut down their wedding budget, that the one thing they cannot compromise on is the photography. It's the only way to keep the memory alive and share the experience with others after the wedding. Pictures allow up to keep and cherish this important part of life for years to come.