London, United Kingdom, 28th October 2021: Nikon is pleased to announce the release of NX MobileAir – a smartphone application that automatically transfers images taken with Nikon digital cameras to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server without using a computer. It has also announced NX Tether, its easy-to-use tethered shooting* software for Nikon digital cameras, which enables the adjustment of camera settings on the computer and supports remote shooting.

NX MobileAir

NX Tether

NX MobileAir is a smartphone application that effectively provides the high-speed image delivery and reliability required by professional photographers on site. By connecting a Nikon digital camera with a smartphone via USB cable, images can be automatically transferred to a smart device with IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) metadata information added, instantaneously as the image is shot.

The workflow from shooting to delivery is accelerated by supporting the transfer of images to an FTP server pre-registered within the application. As well as this, users can switch between automatic transfer or manual transfer according to the situation, to manually select images to edit and transfer, or transfer voice memos together with images to a smart device and edit IPTC information while playing the memos.

Further, the application supports the transfer of images stored in smart devices, or images shot with non-Nikon digital cameras, to an FTP server. Even in situations where carrying a computer is prohibited, or where positioning a computer is difficult, users are able to easily edit with their smart devices, improving work efficiency.

NX Tether is a computer software that enables photographers to tether their Nikon camera to a computer, USB, wirelessly or via wired LAN. Since the user interface features a simple, consolidated layout for basic functions required for tethered shooting, camera settings can be adjusted with minimal operation. The operation panel can be minimised, enabling images to be viewed with less distraction.

In addition, it notifies users of problems such as transmission errors via sound and display. This allows photographers to concentrate on shooting with fewer worries, even while they are working away from the computer. The software works seamlessly with Nikon’s NX Studio, as well as third party editing and processing tools, including Lightroom, Photoshop and CaptureOne, realising a seamless workflow for tethered shooting.

NX Tether software can be downloaded from the Nikon download centre on November 4th 2021.
NX MobileAir App will be available in Europe on Google Play and the App Store in 2022.

At 17.00 today, a short livestream on the Nikon Europe YouTube channel will include a live talk with a Q&A about its latest Z 9 launch.

Meanwhile, Nikon will be celebrating its full Z series system with the flagship Z 9 which launched on 28th October, with a free virtual event next week. The brand is hosting #NikonDays on 5th November which will offer a behind the scenes look at the product with inspirational photographers and Nikon experts through sessions and masterclasses. Early registration is advised and guests can sign up here https://nikondays.nikoneurope.com

Primary features of NX MobileAir

• Supports manual transfer to a smart device when selecting specified images.
• The number of albums that can be created is unlimited.
• Reliable and high-speed image transfer is possible via USB wired connection without setting adjustments on the camera side**.
• Supports the 5G mobile network high-speed communication standard.
• Features settings that are effective for preventing mis-operation, such as screen lock during operation, and disable sleep/auto lock of a smart device, as well as a resend function in case of import error.
• IPTC metadata and FTP upload settings can be set for individual albums.
• Features a processing status display during FTP transfer.
• IPTC presets created within a computer can be imported, and IPTC presets created within the app can be exported.

Primary features of NX Tether

• Available for download and use free-of-charge.
• Features the same operation icons that are utilised in Nikon digital camera interfaces, supporting intuitive operation.
• Supports a function that notifies users of transmission errors via sound and display.

Please see the download page here for software versions, supported operating systems (OS) and camera compatibility.

Specifications, design, product name and supplied accessories may differ by country or area. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

* The process of connecting a camera to the computer or tablet and confirming images real-time on screen as they are shot
** Only when connecting to an Android-compatible smart device. It is necessary to change the network menu setting when connecting to an iPhone

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