NX Tether

Easy-to-use tethered shooting software


From remote shooting to on-site collaboration with your team—take control. NX Tether lets you tether your Nikon camera to a computer, wirelessly or via wired LAN. The software is easy to set up and use, and works seamlessly with popular processing/editing applications.


Take control


Unfailing control, right on the shoot

In studio or on location—streamline your tethered workflow. All core setup, shooting, and review operations can be carried out on a computer by you or your team. It’s easy to adjust camera settings right from the software, and you can configure image filenames and storage destinations for post.


Simple to use

Switch between pop-up menu screens to quickly and easily set PSAM mode and shooting parameters using large, clear icons. Need to trigger the camera remotely? The software display can be minimised to show just AF and shutter release.


Audible transfer notifications

Confirmation sounds tell you when data has transferred from your camera to your device, so you’ll know the second your team or client can see the image. If you’re working solo, a coloured status bar lets you quickly see transfer status.


Meet any deadline

Work down to the wire—wirelessly or wired. NX Tether fits seamlessly into any workflow, collaborating smoothly with Nikon’s NX Studio as well as third-party editing and processing tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One.


Shoot via your computer’s touchscreen

When your Nikon camera is tethered to a touchscreen computer, you can activate the shutter-release button and AF via your computer’s screen. The camera-function buttons and menus, and image playback, can also be controlled using touch.