Z 9 Firmware 5.00

Powerful new features, improved performance, and enhanced functionality for both photography and video.

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Auto Capture. Expanded.

Reserve function added

You get more options when configuring the Z 9 for remote shooting. Now you can specify the start date/time and duration of Auto Capture, and save battery life.

Yellow frame confirms standby mode

Want to check whether you’re shooting or in standby mode? A yellow frame clearly indicates when Auto Capture is paused.

DX image area now supported

Support for the DX-format (24x16) image area enhances flexibility in any set up. If you need to get in closer to frame the shot with a tighter crop, you can.

MF switching via camera possible

You can switch to Manual Focus via the camera body. Ideal if you want to configure all shooting settings via camera menu(s).

Airplane subject detection

Now the Z 9 can take photos or start recording video in Auto Capture when it detects an airplane within the frame. Specify the direction, speed, or size of the plane to zero in on the right shot.

Support for C15 and C60

A greater array of continuous release modes increase flexibility. Shoot remotely at 15 fps (C15) and 60 fps (C60), as well as 30 fps (C30) and 120 fps (C120).


Enhanced High-Speed Frame Capture +

  • Presets for High-Frequency Flicker Reduction
    New presets help reduce flicker when shooting near signage or lighting that use high-frequency LEDs. Simply choose a frequency and select a corresponding shutter speed.
  • Increased support for C15 + fine JPEG
    Bursts of 15 fps (C15) are now possible within High-Speed Frame Capture+. For those who require higher-quality files, JPEG Fine images can be captured at any of the camera’s continuous shooting speeds..  

Newly added Picture Controls

Rich Tone Portrait renders rich tones while retaining skin details. Portrait Impression Balance lets you fine-tune hue and brightness. Skin Softening softens the look of skin while keeping eyes and hair sharp.


Support for Profoto A10 flash

Shooting events or wedding receptions in dark situations? The continuous LED modelling light of the Profoto A10 can be used as an AF-assist illuminator to help achieve razor sharp images in low light.*


Improved operability when composing and shooting

  • Separated menu banks for stills and video
    For the first time, the Z 9 lets you customise shooting parameters from menu banks dedicated to photos or video, with no overlap between them.  
  • Improved focus point visibility
    You can fine-tune the width of the red focus point border to suit the shooting situation. Ideal if you’re working in low visibility and want to make the focus point(s) easier to see.  
  • Quickly exit magnified view 
    When composing your shot, a simple half-press of the shutter-release button is all it takes to exit a magnified view on the camera’s monitor or EVF.  
  • Better control over High-Res Zoom
    New functionality lets you control High-Res Zoom via the camera’s sub-selector or multi-selector. AF-area brackets change to green when focus is acquired.  

More flexibility when reviewing and retouching

  • Focus on faces during playback
    When reviewing images on the monitor with playback zoom enabled, the newly added Face Priority focus point lets you centre the display on the Face Detection focus position.
  • Easily adjust video speeds
    For videos, you can use the main or sub-command dial to change the playback speed of the footage you’re viewing. Switch between normal (1x) speed, 0.5x speed, or 0.25x speed.
  • Expanded custom controls
    The range of functions you can assign to custom controls has increased, and you now have options to assign controls to the focus mode, exposure compensation, and ISO sensitivity buttons.
  • Customisable retouch menu
    The retouch menu can be customised to include only the functions you use the most. Ideal if you want to quickly retouch key shots in-camera before sending JPEGs out.  

Wi-Fi-STA support

Newly added Wi-Fi Station mode support means the Z 9 can automatically link to your smart device via Wi-Fi when you turn the camera on. You get seamless connection with Nikon SnapBridge and your smart device maintains access to the internet, even when communicating with the camera.  


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*Profoto A10 firmware must be updated to the latest version. Please refer to the Profoto website for details.