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Live The Action Up Close

Get closer to what brings you alive. Feel the emotions of players and performers, explore cultures old and new, and discover new worlds on the water. Wherever you go, we’ll take you to the heart of it.

Spectator Sports

See the full glory of the game. Experience every moment of triumph or loss on players’ faces. View it all from every angle and never miss a detail.

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Live Concerts

Catch a long-awaited concert like you were in the front row. No matter where you’re seated, see and feel all the singer’s intense emotions.

Theatre & Dance

View exquisite moves in ballet, experience the finest nuances of emotion at the theatre and take in all the atmosphere of an electric performance.

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Museums & Culture

See what others cannot see. Read fine inscriptions on antiquities or delight in a masterpiece’s detailed brush strokes even if it’s high on a ceiling.

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Boating & Sailing

Keep an eye out for fellow racers as you sail, explore features of distant landscapes, or watch the antics of marine wildlife at play in the ocean.

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Traveling & Exploring

Discover inaccessible places in urban exploration, experience every aspect of breathtaking architecture, or take in the full beauty of the natural world.

Choosing Your Binoculars