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Precision Brought to Life

Let us change the way you view the world. Take your passion to the next level – improve your game, get closer to nature, and experience culture more deeply. Get more out of life, in living colour, up close and personal. See differently.

A Century Of Excellence

For over a hundred years, Nikon has brought land, sea and sky to life with exceptional precision. Expect even greater leaps forward in the century to come.

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Something For Every Passion

We bring the world closer to you, with a vast range of products for every pursuit, from birdwatching and stargazing to theatre, golf, and travel

Leading-Edge Technology

Each and every product has an invincible integrity – quality materials, extensive testing, sustainable engineering and superior lens technology.

Outstanding Optics

Nikon raises the bar for optical engineering so you can experience the wonders of the earth and sky in crystal clarity – or simply up your golf game with laser-sharp distance measurement. Maximum light transmission, superior resolution and better-defined contrast are balanced to perfection in every stunning view. See your world and your passion with new eyes.

Experience stargazing like never before, as though you’re spacewalking into the stars. The WX series’ phenomenal optical performance and super-wide field of view take you deep into the night sky, revealing fresh details and exquisite colour nuances.

Bring Real to Life

ED Glass

Astounding Resolution and Contrast

Nikon’s highly-acclaimed ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass effectively compensates for chromatic aberration, giving superior contrast and outstanding resolution. The finest details of colour can be seen over long distances, so you can spot animals in the wild or take in architectural details with ease.

The left side simulates chromatic aberration or colour fringing, whilst the right side of the image simulates Nikon's original ED glass lenses effectively compensating for color fringing.

Field Flattener Lens System

Clarity From Edge-to-Edge

Enjoy a super-wide field of view to take in the immensity of sweeping landscapes or even star clusters with Nikon’s Field Flattener Lens System technology. It compensates for curvature of field, so you can enjoy a crisp view all the way to the lens periphery – with individual points of detail seen sharply too. Expand your gaze with crystal clarity.

The left side simulates the shot without the Field Flattener Lens System, while the right shows the edge-to-edge clear view achieved with it.


Stability for Super-Sharp Measurement

Get unwavering confidence when aiming at your target. STABILIZED (Vibration Reduction) technology stabilises both the image in the viewfinder and the laser in your rangefinder, so you can measure distances with unwavering accuracy. Strike with precision and confidence.